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Letter From the Editor

I have traveled extensively through NOW!HERE. I began as a writer my first year, became a section editor, and finally editor-in-chief. By reading and editing over the years, I flew to Antarctica, sailed in Turkey, hiked through China, skied in Alaska, partied in Spain, and biked in Vermont. This issue in particular exemplifies what I value most about NOW!HERE and Columbia University in general: diversity of place and thought within a universal enchantment.

Tell Us Your Story

NOW!HERE is putting together our Spring 2014 Issue and we're looking for stories from amazing summer journeys or early fall trips.
We accept submissions of any length, of any style, and even embrace other media such as photos and drawings.
We have four main categories of submission: Study Abroad, Travel For Leisure, Features, and En Route. Feel free to write specifically for one of these sections or just let your thoughts pour out as they come. If you have any questions or stories you'd like to send our way feel free to email us at


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NOW!HERE is traveling. Now you can find us on Facebook and Twitter as well as our blog.